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OH&S MS is a framework that controls and co-ordinates Work-place Safety and Injury Management requirements. OH&S compliance is now law in NSW. By taking a proactive approach, Decorative Solutions will provide positive benefits for all.
Decorative Solutions has tailored a specific Occupation Health & Safety Management system for the building & construction industry.

Decorative Solutions aim is to create an enjoyable, healthier & ultimately safer work environment.
Our Safety Reports provide a cost-efficient means of identifying safety hazards. These reports identify areas that have the potential to cause harm to your tenants, visitors & tradespeople within sites. Trip Hazards, Slip hazards and maintenance problems are identified and recommendations are provided to rectify the problems.

Decorative Solutions is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts associated with the application of coatings while meeting the needs and objectives of our clients.

This commitment commences with working in conjunction with clients and appropriate regulatory agencies to ensure that safe work strategies and procedures are developed and applied to protect our environment. When deemed necessary it is assured by appropriate testing, documented monitoring and follow-up reporting.

The end goal is to always provide each client with quality workmanship delivered in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.